jeudi 8 novembre 2012


Quentin broke his watch, building his own time in the Sound and the Fury. 
William's talking 'bout humanity's failure, problems of time and fatality. 
Americanization of the world, positivist cult of science. 
It's the Brave New World, Aldous told us. 
And the modern world in Eyeless in Gaza. 

An ironic vision of the world, 
where humanism and culture 
are threaten by those in charge to defend it. 
You should read... 
On The Road or the Dharma Bums, 
The Rosy Crucifixion, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. 

Music & lyrics written by Arnaud Schmitz. 

Recorded March'2000. 
Released by Number Nine Experiment on the first EP: "No Time To Waste" (2004). 
(All instruments performed by Arnaud Schmitz) 

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