mercredi 17 octobre 2012


Well I know that you have a lot of thrills, 
When you go out on saturday and take your pills. 
Well you know what I told you, 
One day you will have to stop before it's too late, 
Before it's too late! Yeah!...

No you don't really need such a drug
If you want to go dance all night in a nite-club!  
You look so paranoid, you act like a thug. 
You look like a rag. Oh! What a drag! 

Music & lyrics written by Arnaud Schmitz. 
Recorded by the last line-up of Heaven in April 2002. 
First released by Number Nine Experiment on the first EP: "No Time To Waste" (2004):

Originally written for Heaven, this song was played very often by different line-ups of Number Nine Experiment in concerts and was always featured on the tracklists through the years. 
It remained that way with Pentastar. In january 2008 they re-recorded it for their first LP: "Electrical Wire Chopped Inside": 

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