vendredi 9 novembre 2012


When your smile is falling on your knees. 
When the fire is taking on your lees. 
When you run for cover all you see's...
What the people call... Hypocrisy... 

Music & lyrics written by Arnaud Schmitz (April'1995) 

The first version of the song appeared on Heaven's first self-titled demo, recorded in October'1995 with: 

Arnaud Schmitz: guitar & vocals 
Vincent Insalaco: bass 
David Gos: keyboards 

Over the years (and with different line-ups) the song has been re-arranged. Many different versions appeared; on the live "Ways Of Chaos" (1996), 
on the demo tape "Stilltripinblue"(1998), and finally, on the LP "High Over Clouds" (1999) ... 
Here is the last studio version recorded by Heaven in December'1998 with: 
Arnaud Schmitz: guitar 
Jeff Bonischo: vocals 
Steph Gryczka: bass 
Fabrice Goddi: drums 

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