mercredi 17 octobre 2012


I hit my head against the walls, but I don't feel the pain. 
I take a look at all these colours, but now it seems so pale. 
I miss the girl that I don't know. Oh! I miss her so! ... 

But I'll get high, dig that hole in the sky. 

I keep on watering inner flowers, as if it would not fade. 
I keep on listening to all their words, as long as I can stand it. 
But don't you know that I'm dying slowly, and you will rot with me. 

But I'll get high, dig that hole in the sky. 

Music & lyrics written by Arnaud Schmitz. 2001. 

This song was written to be interpreted with my band of the era: Heaven. 
The song was played only once in public by the band (in an instrumental version), opening a concert in St. Avold, in August 2001. A demo (with vocals) was recorded with the last line-up of Heaven (without Jeff) in April 2002. 
After the split of the band, the recording was released on the first EP by Number Nine Experiment: "No Time To Waste" (2004). There are two live versions by Number Nine Experiment on: "Jam Sessions at the Irish Bar" (2006). 
A video was designed for the song by Arnaud, and directed by one of his friends, Michel, in June 2002. 

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